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    雅思大作文 | 歷史課真的太有用了!


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      Some people think it is important for all children to learn history at school. Others believe that other subjects like science and mathematics are more relevant to children’s development today.

      Discuss both the views and give your opinion.


      The following sample essay may be a bit lengthy, but it has so much to offer.



      Certainly, I am aware that[就不要總是“I know that”了吧] science and math develop a logical mind, contributing enormously to a child’s development and probably leading to a lucrative career. However, when it comes to learning history, I must use bigger [還真的是有些“有逼格的”的意思呢] words. History navigates, with theancients’ wisdom enlightening us and the past events teaching us.


      In fairness, learning science and math is highly useful in children’s development. Children need to understand how the physical world works, because having knowledge, even on the preliminary level, in math, physics, chemistry and many other realms dispels their confusion or silly anxiety. They would otherwise be so bewildered too often that they could not lead a proper life. Also, if they are interested in and decide to probe the many mysteries further, they may have a career in science. Math is also important. It cultivates a logical mind and fosters many practical skills. Since that is so true, any further explanation at this point would be redundant. [這樣的說法,就很狡猾,是不是?慎用哈。]


      Learning science subjects and learning history are not mutually exclusive. In fact, history does not compare unfavorably to science and math; it instead may have greater influence on children’s development. [后面就難想了,是不是?那當知識點背下來唄。]First, children must understand that any scientific progress or breakthrough is made only after they revisit the history. Knowing what happened allows them to see a full picture in which they find where they currently are, and without knowing their positions, they cannot go anyway right. Second, because they know their positions in the long time of history, they have a humble heart. This has proven to be [是的,主動,是的] the most important quality a good person should have. Accomplished scientists or mathematicians share this virtue; successful people whose attainments are associated with their knowledge about science and math are grateful for having this merit; decent people live a good life because they have this quality.


      What is the point of learning history for the purpose of children's development? The point is that children become aware of where they are and who they want to be when they grow up.